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Passionate, experienced, and highly qualified. Just as our clients love the freedom and flexibility of OpenAir, our pilots love it too. We perform regular FAA tests to ensure the highest possible standards.


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Brand new Generation 6 SR20: Available for training at Montgomery County Airpark

OpenAir purchased a brand new Generation 6 SR20 last month.  Our plan is to have it full time at the Montgomery County Airpark for flight training during the summer flight training season.  Before the aircraft gets booked up at GAI, we thought…

Flight Training Now Available at KGAI

We just wanted to let you know that OpenAir Flight Training is now open and available at the Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI). Justin Longosky is our full time CFI based out of GAI and we have a brand new, 2017 Cirrus SR20 G6 aircraft for training…

brand-new Cirrus 2017 SR20 aircraft: available for flight training soon!

April 6, OpenAir Flight Training picked up it's brand-new Cirrus 2017 SR20 aircraft which will be available for flight training in a few weeks out of the Montgomery County Airpark. We are very excited to have this beautiful new addition to our…

Cirrus flight training is coming to the Montgomery County Airpark

OpenAir is proud to be bringing Cirrus flight training back to the Montgomery County Airpark. Give us a call at 800.940.2359 for additional details.