We proudly serve the Mid Atlantic Region, the East Coast and Gulf Coast, Texas and Louisiana. Ask about special pickups and locations.

*Emergency Cargo and Medical Transport are available 24 hours a day.


Passionate, experienced, and highly qualified. Just as our clients love the freedom and flexibility of OpenAir, our pilots love it too. We perform regular FAA tests to ensure the highest possible standards.


Our Aircraft Management Expertise will save you time and money. Enjoy the privileges of aircraft ownership without the time consuming administrative, regulatory and operational responsibilities.


It's finally official, OpenAir has two Cirrus Training Centers Online!

Sometimes bureaucracy and politics gets in the way (Yes, that's stating the obvious these days). Well finally, after a long delay, we are very proud to announce that OpenAir Flight Training is properly listed on Cirrus's website--showing both…

Did you know OpenAir offers cost effective Sport Pilot Training?

It's true! N6043N is a Cessna 162 Skycatcher, a light sport aircraft and we have it available at $140/hour cash or credit. The Sport Pilot Rule was adopted primarily to give the FAA some control over the ultralight aviation community, but…

OpenAir Flight Training Feedback

OpenAir has seen tremendous growth over the last year, and we are looking forward to continued growth in the coming years. Our goal is to continue to provide a high level of training, service and exceptional aircraft to our customers.   To…

N204RM has moved to Hangar 5.

It is a snug fit with the aircraft in the hangar so we ask that you please be extra cautious when pulling in and out the aircraft. The yellow electric tow in the hangar can only be used by those who have used the tow for the Turbo or for those…