N204RM has moved to Hangar 5.

It is a snug fit with the aircraft in the hangar so we ask that you please be extra cautious when pulling in and out the aircraft. The yellow electric tow in the hangar can only be used by those who have used the tow for the Turbo or for those who have been checked out by an instructor on how to use the tow properly. Renters can use the red tow bar in the back of the aircraft if they have not been checked out on how to use the electric tow.

Please make sure that the static wicks do not bend up against the hangar. Once you have the aircraft in the hangar, place chocks down so that the plane doesn’t rock backwards. Over the next week or so we will be placing yellow lines down with taped chocks so that renters have an easier time lining up the aircraft and so that the plane doesn’t rock back. 

If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at 1-800-940-2359.



Check current NOTAM’s for updated information on Leesburg Temporary Tower.

A temporary control tower will be in operation the following dates and times at the Leesburg Executive Airport (JYO). In accordance with 14 CFR 91.126, pilots must contact Leesburg tower prior to operating within 4 miles of JYO and below the Washington Tri-Area Class B Airspace.

The control tower will be open daily during the following dates and times:




Daily June 5th through August 12th, 2017



Daily August 13th through September 8th, 2017



Two−way radio communications with Leesburg Tower is required. When the tower is open, arriving VFR aircraft are to contact Leesburg Tower on 127.5 prior to 4 miles from the airport. Arriving IFR aircraft contact Leesburg Tower as directed by Potomac Approach. The conditions of the Leesburg Maneuvering Area as stated in the current Special Flight Rules Area NOTAM remain in effect.


Leesburg Tower frequency


Use CTAF frequency when JYO Tower is closed.

Leesburg Ground frequency


Use CTAF frequency when JYO Tower is closed.

Leesburg CTAF frequency


Use Tower and Ground freq. when JYO Tower is open.

Potomac Clearance Delivery



Leesburg AWOS frequency

125.225 or (703) 777-3781

Potomac App/Dep Control



If you have any questions pertaining to this information, pelase do not hesitate to contact the office at any time for additional assistance and inforamtion.


Brand new Generation 6 SR20: Available for training at Montgomery County Airpark

OpenAir purchased a brand new Generation 6 SR20 last month.  Our plan is to have it full time at the Montgomery County Airpark for flight training during the summer flight training season.  Before the aircraft gets booked up at GAI, we thought we would bring it to JYO for a few months in the event that anyone wanted to check it out and learn about the new Perspective+ avionics and new Lycoming engine. So we now have a tie down at JYO, and intend to have this beautiful bird available through June for anyone who wants to do avionics transition training and rental during this period.


Flight Training Now Available at KGAI

We just wanted to let you know that OpenAir Flight Training is now open and available at the Montgomery County Airpark (KGAI). Justin Longosky is our full time CFI based out of GAI and we have a brand new, 2017 Cirrus SR20 G6 aircraft for training and rental.  

This new bird features a Lycoming 215hp engine and the new Cirrus Perspective + avionics package.  Transition training is required to fly the new plane, but that will only be a few hours.

If your interested in flying N20PN, give us a call at 800.940.2FLY and we will get you scheduled for your transition training. We truly appreciate you flying with us, and please let us know if we can do anything more for you. Have a great day, and fly safe!


brand-new Cirrus 2017 SR20 aircraft: available for flight training soon!

April 6, OpenAir Flight Training picked up it’s brand-new Cirrus 2017 SR20 aircraft which will be available for flight training in a few weeks out of the Montgomery County Airpark. We are very excited to have this beautiful new addition to our fleet. Give us a call at 800.940.2359 to begin your flight training in this beautiful aircraft.

This aircraft is a brand new model (Generation 6) aircraft with the brand new Cirrus Perspective + Avionics – which features some really cool new functions and features that at first don’t seem like a big deal, but are really quite significant and totally justify this 2017 version being classified as the first in a new generation of SR20’s. It also features a new, more powerful Lycoming Engine.

N20PN, will rent for $285/hr wet, which by our research is competitive to the average cost of an older Perspective aircraft (what Cirrus is going to call Legacy Perspective), and still well under what other Cirrus Training Centers would charge for a days old aircraft.

Give us a call, or wait for N20PN to show up on our Flight Schedule Pro scheduling system.

For those of you who do not have a scheduling account with OpenAir Flight Training, please request access to our scheduling system at:


Cirrus flight training is coming to the Montgomery County Airpark

OpenAir is proud to be bringing Cirrus flight training back to the Montgomery County Airpark. Give us a call at 800.940.2359 for additional details.

Do you understand this?

Data at: 1834 UTC 13 Feb 2017
KJYO 131815Z AUTO 35015G31KT 10SM CLR 06/M05 A3005 RMK AO2

If you understand this, then make sure todays winds are within your personal limits.

If you don’t understand this, give us a call at 800.940.2FLY and one of our flight instructors can assist you in learning all about weather METARs, and how to use aviation to create memorable and fulfilling personal and professional experiences as a private pilot.

Learning to fly is about creating unforgettable experiences!

Learn to do this with OpenAir! Learning to fly is about creating unforgettable experiences! Here’s a weekend trip to Toronto. It’s only 1.5hours from our Leesburg VA training center.


Congratulations to Phil Saul

Congratulations to Phil Saul on a successful check-ride yesterday. Phil did not waste any time, but immediately applied his new instrument rating on a trip from Morgantown, WV to his home in Charleston, SC.

“Instrument rated in under 3 months. Couldn’t have done it without OpenAir. Can’t say enough positive”, says Phil Saul.