We have aircraft ownership opportunities for you to consider.

A lot has been going on with OpenAir over the last few months, and we wanted to tell you about a few opportunities that may be of interest to you. This past April, OpenAir purchased N20PN, our 2017 Cirrus SR20. We purchased it for the purpose of building up a vibrant and active flight school at the Montgomery County Airpark, and had intended to sell the aircraft to one of more students/renters over time–and now is the time!

This 2017 G6, Perspective+ SR20 has generated more then 80 hours of revenue in the last two months. All revenues generated through our owner lease back program can be used by the new owners to offset operating costs making aircraft ownership virtually free of fixed and variable operating expenses.

Instead of trying to explain all of the great benefits of aircraft ownership with a lease back arrangement, please contact OpenAir to learn about aircraft ownership and lease back opportunities, either by phone or to schedule a time to discuss in person.

In addition to N20PN, we have several other opportunities to purchase Cirrus aircraft (SR22s and SR22Ts) under warranty, as well as possible partnership opportunities for brand new 2018 aircraft.

If your interested in discussing any of these exciting ownership opportunities, please contact Barry Goldberg, General Manager at barry@flyopenair.com or 800.942.2359 x 712.