We have exciting news! OpenAir is adding two new planes to our fleet. We continue to grow and offer more options for flight training, and rental. We have acquired a Skycatcher (light sport N6043N), and another Cirrus SR22 (N412CP).

The light sport is an ideal airplane for primary training and pilots who what a light sport certification. The SR22 expands our Cirrus offerings and is a great option for instrument and cross county flights.

The Skycatcher (LSA) and SR22 are available immediately. We will have a G1000 172 online the beginning of July. We also have a new renters agreement that is available in the office and on Flight schedule pro. If you have any questions give us a call.


 N412CP Cirrus SR22
$235/hobbs hour (dry)
$225/hobbs hour (dry) 

 N6043N Cessna 162
$155/hobbs hour (wet)
$150/hobbs hour (wet)